General Office - A Use Scenario

allAccess Cloud File Services - Windows, Mac, Android and IOSThe use case for a general office is typical. Give users a private folder to store their data securely, while at the same time providing team/group folders to share files/folders with departments like sales, engineering, marketing etc seamlessly across devices inside or outside the office.

Goal A: Share files/folders with team members inside/outside the office.
Goal B: Provide easy and secure access to the files/folders regardless of device, such as browser based access, Mobile access and native desktop mapped drive style access.
Goal C: off-site backup of those folders with file versioning.
Goal D: Allow users to share files or folders with outside people such as company accountant, attorney, contract designer or Sales person.

This is an 'A' typical office. There are people who generate documents and data that need to shared with others in the organization. Additionally the IT person doesn’t want to maintain a file server in the office, nor do they want a VPN type remote access solution. File access should be device native and intuitive.

These goals are achieved by the native allAccess cloud file service feature base.

Each user in the organization installs the allAccess Cloud file service client on their devices desktop, laptop, phone and/or tablet. There is full support for a mixed environment Windows, Mac, Android and IO systems are supported. This is the first step in moving files/folders to the allAccess Cloud file service. After users area setup team folders are created sales, operations, engineering, legal etc. with privileged users added to each team folder who require access. These folders will automatically show up in their device.

Files storage is secured with at rest encryption, while all connections to the service from desktop to mobile to browser are also secured via encryptions. Your data is protected from prying eyes in transit and at rest once it is delivered to the allAccess Cloud file service.

As the system is populated with data, users begin using and sharing. Sharing may be via an internal team folder e.g. sales. Perhaps Marketing has create a new one page promotional PDF for the company. Once they drop the PDF into the Sales team folder all of the sales team users will have access to the current file as well as update versions via their laptop or phone or tablets.

It is important to note that this is not a simple network folder where files are created on the local desktop and copied to the team folders. When a user creates a file that is saved to an allAccess Cloud file service it is saved to a local cache and synced in the background to the service. This allows you to work a local file speeds with your applications with no sign of network lag. In fact all files make use of this intermediate cache process. It makes the system more seamless an efficient.

Security is a priority, even the cache is also encrypted. This means that when a users is no longer allowed access to folder share or removed form the system, they no longer have access to cached files either.

When sharing information with outside people like customers and prospects it is important to send information in a timely and secure manner. With allAccess Cloud file service you can share files and folders with with anyone giving them access to file or sub folder with read only or read write access. How many times did you want to share a video or large PDF that was too large for email. With allAccess Cloud file service you can share any size file with links that expire in one day, one month or never expire. When using the allAccess Cloud file service you are keeping your data secure by controlling who has access and who you share data with. No 3rd parties necessary like large files transfer services or having to manage yet another file system like DropBox.

allAccess Cloud file services brings a complete file server solution to you with advanced features like file versioning and short/long term retention settings. Access your files the same way inside or outside the office. 

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